Located 120 miles north of New York City in one of the most beautiful areas of the Hudson River Valley, Sleepy Hollow Lake is a 2200 acre residential community surrounding a two and a half mile man-made lake.

Bordering the Hudson River and Catskill Mountains, recreational and cultural opportunities abound. Boating, fishing, skiing, hiking, tennis, swimming, biking, and sight seeing are all within easy access. Thirty miles to the north, New York State's capitol city, Albany, offers exciting dining, shopping, and theatre opportunities.




Association of Property Owners of
Sleepy Hollow Lake, Inc.

Unit 1095, 92 Randy Road
Athens, NY 12015

Telephone: 518-731-6175
Fax: 518-731-2064

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The centerpiece of the Sleepy Hollow Lake community is our private 324 acre, two and a half mile long lake, which provides opportunities for boating, swimming, fishing and waterskiing; as well as, doubling as a Class “A” drinking water reservoir for the community. The lake at its deepest is approx. 70 feet and the volume of water is estimated to be 4.22 billion gallons. Motorboats are permitted on the lake with a 50 HP motor limit (jet-skis are not permitted).

Sleepy Hollow Lake has one of the best large mouth bass fishing habitats in New York State and the community hosts an annual “Bass Tournament” for property owners and children. Sleepy Hollow Lake is the source of the current New York State Record White Crappie.

Management of the lake is overseen by the Association Manager and the Lake Committee. These serve to monitor the health of the lake and fish habitat, as well as, helping to enforce boating, waterskiing and swimming rules and safety. The Lake Management department is currently working with professional water and conservation consultants to draft and implement a long-term lake management plan.

Sleepy Hollow Lake’s own water and sewer companies serve the entire Sleepy Hollow Lake development and are regulated by the New York State Public Service Commission.

Each year, our lake undergoes rigorous testing to assure the overall quality of our lake and it's many inhabitants. With over 4 billion gallons to care for, our competent staff are on top of all areas of management of this lake.







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